The deposit required to hold a  puppy from a current litter is $200.00 and is NOT REFUNDABLE.

 If you pay a deposit and your circumstances change, we are happy to keep you on the waiting list until you are in a better position to welcome a new boxer puppy into your family.

If you think you might change your mind, please do not pay a deposit as it will not be refunded!! Our preferred method of accepting a deposit is cash but in certain situations we will also accept a check.

The final amount due at pickup of your puppy needs to be paid in cash- no exceptions!

Once on our waiting list you will receive regular updates about our breeding plans, and once a puppy of your choice has been born you will receive weekly updates of your new family member.

 If you decline a puppy offered to you for any reason you will retain your position on our waiting list until we breed the puppy of your dreams.